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 LS Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: LS Rules and Regulations   LS Rules and Regulations Icon_minitimeTue Sep 29, 2009 5:58 pm

Social Conduct

Please keep in mind we are a very open-minded group of people, and that most conversations are allowed, if a Member is made to feel uncomfortable about it, you will be asked to cease immediately, no questions asked. Those who wish to continue the convo, please do it on your own accord in /tell. Failure to stop, or persistently ignoring and "back talking" may result in temporary pearl Suspension. However, depending on the severity, your pearl may be Terminated. Ex would be racial comments towards a particular member in a cruel manner, and demeaning the member when all they really logged on for was to play the game and have fun.

The Shellholders have Zero Tolerance on those who would demean and belittle their own LSMates. If it is a first offense, and the player who has been commenting only made mild remarks, they will be pulled aside by a SH and spoken with. Not all members who seem to speak harshly really meant it to come across that way, ie:<Offender> Player B, you need to sharpen up your maging, Player X ALWAYS die when you Mage. Due to this being a text based game, although abrasive, the Offender was actually trying to point out the Mage needs alittle help, and they themselves may be willing to help with whatever the player needs to improve. Critique is alright, Criticism is not.

Also, please do not discuss Religion or Politics in this LS. Though the Majority are adults, these conversations always get heated and sometimes out of control and people get upset. If you are that keen on discussing it, again, take it to /tells.
Those discussing the subjects will be told to cease immedietly.

Please be respectful of each other and try to help out when possible. Please do not be discouraged if people can't always assist right away to help with something you request. If help is needed, use the site to request and set a time and date, that way Mmebers won't just hop in a party when they log in, or do Missions, etc.
Just enjoy the game with each other and have fun Smile


The LS has built itself on the Foundation of,"Need before Greed", and will continue to move forward with that Policy.
As per the Gear List, you will(in the beginning) only be gearing up two jobs: Your LS Main Job, and the Job you love to play in your free time. If both are the same job, pick a secondary that you enjoy next to your Main.
We will avoid the issue of those cramming a lvl to 75, then wishing to pertain Gear over a Member who has been playing that job for LS for months.

Remember, we are here to have fun, just because THIS event you did not recieve the item you wished for, does not mean you won't get it the next. The LS makes a Master List of its Members Wishlists so we know what to aim for to best gear our players up.

In the regards of jobs to come as for events, if you are requested by a SH to come as a job you dislike, but it is needed by the LS, please come as you are asked. We don't do this to be mean, we do it because we need your specific job to progress. Is it really worth losing a fight we could have easily won if someone came as needed? It's not to be Cruel, but its the truth, certain jobs make or break an event. That being said, do not think you will always be X job ALL the time. As more Members join, jobs will be rotated so everyone has a chance to play the job they enjoy.

Events designated by the Leaders of the LS will be Mandatory in attendance, failure to attend to the event for whatever reason:Leveling,Farming,etc will cause the player a Penalty in recieving gear. We do not wish to simply snap someones pearl if they do not show. Simply if you no show, you do not recieve gear. Real Life is the only exemption from this, as RL > Game.

**Rule Adjustments are up to the discretion of the SH'ers and will only be applied/updated in accordance to discussion between all SH's and sometimes LS Members.Those who wish to dispute a Rules credability shall bring it up with a SH, and not argue it within LS**

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LS Rules and Regulations
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