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PostSubject: Application Format   Application Format Icon_minitimeWed Sep 16, 2009 2:49 am

Ivalice is currently looking for good members. We are looking for Dedicated Members with overall good attitudes and those who want to have fun. Ivalice will be doing Sky,Dynamis,Sea,HNM's,ZNM's,SCNM's, pretty much alittle something for everyone. If you want a LS that is always looking to move forward, and have fun, then drop off an Application!

Player Name:

Main 90:

Other 90's:

Sky Access:

Sea Access:

Dynamis wins:

Abyssea access:






Previous LS:(Why you left/Social)

Play Times:

Comments:(Alittle about yourself and why you'd like to join)

**New Members will be put under a Probationary Period. This is a Trial Period for the New Member to adjust and grow within the LS. Gear may still be obtained under the Probation, but will be Freelot only obtainable**

All Applications will be reviewed by SH's, and you will be contacted in game upon Review

Please Copy this and create a seperate thread.
Forum Registration will not be granted until the Member has first dropped off an Application, or has spoken to a SackHolder in Game. So please refrain from signing up until told. Also, please register under your in-game name to make it easier to grant access.
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PostSubject: Re: Application Format   Application Format Icon_minitimeMon Jun 14, 2010 11:22 pm

Aht Urghan Finsihed ZM 16 COP 8-1 Rank 10 Bastok Rank 10 Sandy
Smn 80 1501 + mp w/o food
blm 75 Sleepga 2 i have
Dynammis Ive Done All 3 Nations + Xarcabard n Beaucidene Glacier Dynamis
Smn relic : 3/2 /headgear needed/ body needed
Blm Gear No Relic As Of Yet |enith mitts also i have for blm
Tarutaru Character
I Also Am A young female thought you should know
thanks i hope i can join ive got sea sky alot of seals for bcnm etc zenis

I dont need to know you are a female or male, what MP you have etc.... Please follow the above aplications format

As it now stands FF11 is now a completely diffrent game, We will no longer be accepting everyone who applies i appologize for this in advance, But if you would like to have fun and obtain either AF3+2 Emperyean's and or Relic's including weapons and think you are right for this LS, Please follow above format, And then tell us why we should accept you and what you have to offer us, Thank you for your time see you in game!

Application Format Leosig2
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Application Format
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