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PostSubject: KSNM99's   KSNM99's Icon_minitimeSat May 22, 2010 11:55 pm

KSNM 99's

In the regards of KSNM 99 drops, lot rules shall be set as:

  • Pop Holders per zone shall gather early to hold /random to determine order. Showing up late will place you at the bottom of the list.

  • Pop Holder shall be entitled to two drops from the Loot Pool, this is including BB item if you are a 70+ MNK. If you are intending to give a BB item from your Loot pool to a friend who has MNK 70+, be warned you will only be allowed one item from the pool for yourself.

  • Black Belt Item is to be prioritized to a 70+ MNK above else, even if it is a low lvl's pop, the BB item is forfeit to SH decision on which 70+ MNK is to recieve it.SH's reserve the right to determine who will get the BB item above all else.

  • An Orb may be used on an ALT char who is your own, and not a character that is owned and played by another (i.e Friend,Colleage,Significant Other..) at the expense of not being able to pop an Orb that day on your Main. However, you CAN bring an orb with your main to another run, but you will be placed at the bottom of the list. Those who have not had a turn yet for a run shall take precedance over a member who has already popped once. Fair is Fair Folks.

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