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 Dynamis Xarcabard Farming ~ April 12th

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Dynamis Xarcabard Farming ~ April 12th Empty
PostSubject: Dynamis Xarcabard Farming ~ April 12th   Dynamis Xarcabard Farming ~ April 12th Icon_minitimeTue Apr 13, 2010 3:27 am

Dynamis Xarcabard Farming ~ April 12th April12dynaxarc

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, guys! I finally finished moving, so expect to see more updates for our LS events once again. =) I want to say congrats on all who got some very nice drops in Xarcabard today! It was very surprising to see some of our more rarer equipment actually drop pretty early on. Congo rats!

Dynamis Xarcabard Farming ~ April 12th Burmsig
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Dynamis Xarcabard Farming ~ April 12th
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