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 Voidwalker Notorious Monsters

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PostSubject: Voidwalker Notorious Monsters   Voidwalker Notorious Monsters Icon_minitimeWed Mar 24, 2010 4:48 am

Head to a zone and use the /heal command. If there is a Voidwalker within range, the game will signal a location for you in distance and direction. Which tier VNM spawns is based on your current level of Abyssite. Head toward the potential spawn and rest. Either the system will give you new directions, or a VNM based on your zone will spawn. Note: if the popper gets killed without having anyone else get hate from the VNM, it will immediately despawn.

Defeating a Tier I VNM may cause your Clear Abyssite to change into Colorful Abyssite, used to track a Tier II VNM. This appears to be random.

Defeating a Tier II VNM may cause your Colorful Abyssite to change into Blue Abyssite, Yellow Abyssite, Purple Abyssite, Orange Abyssite or Brown Abyssite, used to track a Tier III VNM. This appears to be random.

Defeating a Tier III VNM may cause your Tier III Abyssite to change into Black Abyssite, used to track a Tier IV VNM. This appears to be random.

Sometimes, your Abyssite may shatter upon popping a Tier II or III VNM. What causes this is unknown at the moment. Tier IV VNM appears to break your Abyssite 100% of the time.


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Voidwalker Notorious Monsters
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