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 Limbus Rules

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PostSubject: Limbus Rules   Limbus Rules Icon_minitimeTue Jan 12, 2010 4:44 pm

In the regards to Limbus AF+1 Mats:
All mats are FL to those with the job at 75 and can wear them, although a Member who has the job as a Main or Secondary will be allowed presidance over a member who rarely plays the job/just got it to 75.
In the regards to members who have the job as Main/Secondary, the member who has the matching mat will be allowed full lot over the member who does not. If both members do not have the matching mat, then both will be allowed to lot, same if both members have the second mat.

In the regards to ABC's:
ABC's are collected throughout the run and evenly distributed among members at the end of the run. If there are extra coins and cannot be evenly distributed, members are to /random and the highest rollers win the free coins.
If coins drop during a Boss run, the coins will be held over till the next Limbus run and added to the pool.

In the regards to Boss runs:
Before entering the zone to Proto-Omega/Ultima, we will be posting the gear the Boss will potentially drop. Members are then to @ the gear they hope to recieve. After @'s are written down, the Leaders will then go over job priorities and member attendance to deem who will recieve the gear.
Once the items drop, Leaders will call out who is allowed to lot.

**Remember, rules are subject to change if deemed neccesary by Leaders, and Members will be notified prior to change**

Limbus Rules Newsigver2
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Limbus Rules
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