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 ZNM's Tier III/IV

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PostSubject: ZNM's Tier III/IV   ZNM's Tier III/IV Icon_minitimeTue Jan 12, 2010 4:25 pm

In the regards to item handling for ZNM's, due to the fact most Tier III/IV mobs require the use of more then one party, it has been deemed neccessary for Sack Holders to have a say in drops.
Before the start of the event, members who will be popping will tell a Leader upfront whether they wish to have a gear piece, or a gil piece(this does not pertain to gear for selling or Tier IV Trophies)

The popset holder will choose an item for themselves since it is their pop, and also keep the Trophy that drops.
In the case of a Tier IV, if the holder only wants a gear piece, the money item will be lotted by a SH'er and sold for the LS bank.

As this requires the support of the Majority of the LS, it is not fair for one person to obatin all drops when the LS assisted in defeating the ZNM.
One thing that is tolerable, and must be clarified from the beginning, is if one person has built a pop on behalf of a friend/significant other, as the other person is not always on to farm zenni and get their ZNM's popped. However the reciever MUST be the lvl required to wear the gear, and it must be for a job they play relatively often.
We always wish to gear up peoples Mains first before someone elses "Dusty" 75.

Remember, Patience is a Virtue, and everyone will recieve something in due time.

**Rules are subject to change if deemed by Leaders, and will be changed. Members will be Notified prior to decision. Those disagreeing with the rules may bring it up with a Leader in PM or /tell.**

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PostSubject: Re: ZNM's Tier III/IV   ZNM's Tier III/IV Icon_minitimeWed Jan 27, 2010 8:06 pm

For tier 4+ ZNMs only

items that will be chosen by the popper must be used or planned to be used, If an item such as hachyriu feet are chosen
just to sell and make there own pocket we will not allow this, As we are trying to gear up all members we don't want any greed in the LS etc, But as lets say noone needs the feet, then we will allow person to obtain item for sale (this is subject
to be discussed by leaders when said items are being chosen/dropped)


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