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 Chains of Promathia Missions on Saturdays!

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PostSubject: Chains of Promathia Missions on Saturdays!   Sat Nov 28, 2009 11:44 pm

Heya guys, just want to remind everyone on the shell that we are doing CoP missions every Saturday at 8EST for members who need it. We would like to get Sea for everyone if we can, so you all have the chance to participate in Sea and Limbus with us!

If you are past Promys now, then you are at the same point as our current "static." We'll be starting Phomiona Aqueducts (Minotaur fight) this Saturday, Dec 5th. Members I know who currently need it are Angron, Torasu, and Kyrael.

If you are at this point, or a little farther along in CoP please post in this thread, where you're at and any other info you find to be necessary for listing.

I don't want to leave anyone behind. ^_^;

Also, Make sure to do your CoP cutscenes before Saturday! That way we can just go straight to the fights!

((PS: Special thanks to everyone who has helped in CoP! We will need additional help on Saturdays, so if you volunteer we would greatly appreciate it. Gigantic Thank yous again everyone. ^^))


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Chains of Promathia Missions on Saturdays!
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